The art of Street Shopping in India

Street shopping in India is not only fun it can be very productive. Your bags find a way to start growing in India! Smaller items can be carried back and larger items are shipped. Most interest street shopping in northern India is in the cities of Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and of course Mumbai. Each city and each state of India has its own unique art forms using so many different materials There is an incredible amount of variety and creativity which comes from each states unique culture – handicrafts, fabrics/clothing- in hundreds of different styles and colors, decorative items, sculptures, paintings, jewelry, leather goods, furniture, antiques. One must learn the art of bargaining. Street peddlers can be insisting and frustrating. Saying NO is starting a conversation! One other rule to remember is that if you like something then buy it, because you may not find the exact same thing again. India has so many tempting shopping items that your decision will be what not to buy!