I want to thank you for all your arrangements and for being available to help us through some crises during our trip at all odd hours of your days. You did not abandon us and let us fend for ourselves in foreign soils when we had a problem; you were there any time we called for help. Thank you!

The trip was very well planned, the hotels were superb except for a couple of ones in rural Tibet. Our guides were well selected and they all met us at our respective airports. They treated us very well and we are very grateful for their enthusiasm and their hard work in showing us their countries and putting up with our long hours and added activities.

It was a very ambitious trip and we would not have been able to do it without you and Heather. It was indeed a once in a lifetime journey and we will be unpacking the sights, sounds, experiences, lessons learnt for many months and years to come. Although it was very ambitious and challenging, you and your team helped us come back safe and sound and helped us through some rough patches. I and the rest of our group are forever grateful!


Anita Sy, Santa Barbara, CA

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