Finally, my body-clock has caught up with the PST clock and we are settling back into our routine! Everything you arranged for us worked out perfectly, we never had any concerns.I just wanted you to know everything ran like clockwork and we were so blessed to have such a wonderful driver who took care of our every need. Ram, was an excellent driver and we never had a moment's worry, even in the worst of India's traffic! He was always where he said he would be, at the time he said he would be there. We felt so fortunate to have him for our entire time in India. He was very special.
Our time with Nimi and Pawan was a real thrill and they took such good care of us and taught us so much during our time at Nandalaya. Their guest house was so comfortable and we were made to feel so welcome. Our time up in the foothills of the Himalayas seeing the Hill Temples was just as we had hoped it would be. Seeing the majestic snow covered mountain tops was humbling and a never to be forgotten experience.
We are still processing all we saw and experienced, it will probably be several months before we have all our photos sorted and our journaling complete.... what an experience we had! We had really good, well informed and very pleasant guides making for excellent experiences everywhere.
Thank you once again for all you did. We enjoyed working with you and appreciated your expertise and guidance.

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